Visa & Passport Information ~ Australia



Australia Visa Requirement:

Tourist Visa:

(1) Credit Card Photocopy (Front + Back)
(2) Original Passport or photocopy of passport

*Additional Requirement for Online Filling Form:
(1) Paying AUD 20.00* by Applicant's credit card
(2) Home Address
(3) Contact Number
(4) Departure date

Visa Duration & Fees:

Type of Entry Visa Validity Duration of Staying Type of Visa Visa Fees Duration of Process
Multiple Entry 1 Year 3 months of staying after entry Normal RM 55.00
AUD 20.00*
04 Working Days

** Fee is subject to change without prior notice.

**Remarks : The above information is for your guidelines and references only.


Updated On: 01 Jun 2018