KERIS History




About Our Founder:

Keris Travel & Tour Company was founded by Mr. Chooi Swee Poh in 1973. From a single office in Ipoh, today Keris Travel & Tour has branch offices in many major cities in Malaysia. Our organization provides professional travel management services to a wide variety of individuals, government bodies and corporations. This multi-regional presence provides us with consolidated nation-wide service and significant leverage within the industry. As such, Keris Travel & Tour is one of the leading travel agencies in Perak.


Mr. Chooi has vast experience in the travel industry. Besides the travel business, he is also actively involved in transport services, property construction and development, palm-oil plantation, education, property investment and management. In January 1984,
Keris Travel & Tour Company became Keris Travel & Tour Sdn Bhd.


Our Services:
The mission of Keris Travel & Tour is to provide excellent service as a travel agent. As of today, we have served more than 300,000 travelers.

The scope of our business covers:
(a) Tourist destination tour management;
(b) World-wide hotel and other accommodation reservation;
(c) Transportation services (including airlines, car rental, private bus charter, cruises and ferries, and rail);
(d) Entertainment, shopping and recreational activities worldwide;
(e) Local food and beverages outlets, and local exotic fruits supply.


Keris Travel & Tour products are renowned and popular, especially for tours to China, Australia, Europe, and America. These products are well structured and will satisfy most travelers’ requirements and are backed by a team of professionally-trained staff members providing quality services.



Our Commitment:

It is our continuing commitment to provide high quality products and services that allows us to excel in this service industry for more than 30 years. Keris Travel & Tour is dedicated to meeting every customer’s needs, expectations and desires with unparalleled consistency. We stake our business reputation on their satisfaction in quality service and products while still offering competitive prices. This commitment to quality and value has been the key to our successful growth at a rate of over 20% each year.



Our Achievement:

Keris Travel & Tour is an appointed agent for Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and many other airlines since 1980. As a member of the International Association of Travel Agents (IATA), Keris Travel & Tour has been authorized to issue airline tickets secured by bank guarantee.


Keris Travel & Tour actively participates in MATTA Fairs, Malaysia Airline fairs, MCTA fairs etc. We have been continuously invited by Perak Tourism to organize programs & activities in line with Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. Keris Travel & Tour also works closely with government agencies, state economic development corporations, political parties, and city/municipal councils in promoting tourism. We are a corporate partner with American Express & a consortium member of the International Travel group.


As one of the best travel agencies, Keris Travel & Tour is an annual recipient of the Malaysia Airlines Gold Award.